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ToonFest: The Great Fanfair | Day Three Summary

Posted by The Toontown Team on May 26, 2024 at 9:00 PM

Let those fanfares ring out; let confetti rain from the sky! This ToonFest: The Great Fanfair daily recap is one grand finale for the times! Sit back and reminisce with us on today’s events, which were truly a wild ride!

Fish Bingo & Goodies Galore

Kicking things off at the ToonFest booth, Toons gathered for a relaxing, yet competitive game of Fish Bingo. Skillful fishermen caught a plethora of fish, and lucky participants shouted out “Bingo!” after filling their boards. 

Of course, it’s not all rods and ring toss! Toons playing on our gaming stations shared their excitement and pride with one another. Congratulations to Rachel for maxing Gardening at the ToonFest booth!

Have you heard of the new, exclusive accessory drops now available with the Under New Management update yet? Thunderous rounds of applause ensued each time a Toon was fortuitous enough to get a rare item drop from one of the new Cog Supervisors! You can’t find that kind of camaraderie anywhere else! 

Toontown Grand Prix

The squeaky wheel gets the grease! Attendees were selected to participate in the very first Toontown Grand Prix at ToonFest! The 32 lucky Toons selected got their tires rotated and their gas tanks topped off before competing head-to-head in this tournament! While every Toon showed skill and excellent sportsmanship, congratulations are in order for the one who left everyone in the dust. Congratulations, Quake

The Great Toontown Pie Toss

At ToonFest, we stay true to our traditions. Attendees gave the phrase “Let the pies fly!” a new meaning at Toontown’s tastiest event: The Great Toontown Pie Toss! Participants made a masterpiece out of Whole Cream Pies which our Staff Members Roe, Liv, Joey, and Bella fell victim to. Their faces and clothes were heavily saturated with pie filling to say the least – let’s hope it’s nothing that won’t come out in the wash!

That’s a Wrap!

With the fading spotlight at GalaxyCon OKC, it’s time to bid au revoir to ToonFest: The Great Fanfair. We’ve had a grand ol’ time celebrating with every Toon – from the PartnerFest, to the ToonFest festivities, to the in-game Pie Toss! All of this wouldn’t be possible without our amazing community. It’s because of the players, whose passion and love for the game rings out like a great fanfare, that Toontown is able to continue! 

Though it is difficult to say goodbye, it’s not for long, Toons! As the curtains close on ToonFest: The Great Fanfair, the excitement continues! ToonFest is coming to GalaxyCon Columbus in Ohio this December and, while we can’t give too much away just yet, it’s not one you’ll want to miss! Stay TOONed for more information

As the curtain call begins, there’s just one more thing left unsaid…

Are YOU Toon enough? 


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Toonsworth said on May 26, 2024 at 9:08 PM
Good show all around. I do say, this was a most smashing Fanfair. I'm actually quite overjoyed that the new Managers came along so soon, I never thought a Foreman could have a factory so up to key. While I'm not seeing any Executive Elites in the Factories, it seems they've made their way onto the Golf Courses and the Clubhouse. I never expected to see an Executive Big Cheese Waiters serving lower level Raiders. Though then again, even the Raiders are a bit more Elite as well in that regard. Good show all, and may the winter bring joy and merriment to the next Fanfair in September. Three cheers to the Fanfair! Hip, hip! Hooray! Hip, hip! Hooray! Hip, Hip! Hooray!

Prof. Moe Rockenpaws said on May 28, 2024 at 4:47 PM
Only if i was there.... so i can hug flippy and give him a Eevee to hug

Nebula said on May 29, 2024 at 8:56 PM
I cannon-blasted into my first Toonfest and wow -- what an experience! I had no idea what to expect and I was outstanded by the endless love and friendships that showered the whole party. I even got to hug Flippy myself! I hope everyone gets to visit Toontown in-person like this one day; if you get the chance to go, you must!

Marigold Tinkertoon said on May 31, 2024 at 11:42 PM
I arrived late and so didn't get the full experience, but what I did see was still toontastic (plus I got a few keepsakes, though I sadly lost my Toontanic card and failed to ask for a code *sad trumpet sound*).
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