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Windows Toons: Update your launcher if you haven't been prompted already! If the launcher version doesn't say 1.3.2, you need to head over to toon.town/play to grab the latest version. This will fix tons of crashes in-game.

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System requirements are listed below, and feel free to visit our Help Page for more information.

Release Notes

December 6, 2021 [ttr-live-3.0.5]

Field Offices
• Toon HQs in every Playground and Street have set up a "Known Field Offices" chalkboard to the right of the Toon Platoon. With this, you can find the location, difficulty, and Annexes remaining of all active Field Offices.
• Tech-savvy Toons can create their own Field Office radar with Toon HQ's new API! Documentation is available here: https://github.com/ToontownRewritten/api-doc/blob/master/field-offices.md
• Fixed a bug that made the sky darker after exiting a Field Office.
• Fixed a crash related to the Field Office exterior.
• Toons now have 15 minutes (instead of 10 minutes) to complete the Field Office after the last Annex has been defeated.
• The spawn rate of Field Offices has been tweaked to spawn them more frequently after a previous Field Office is defeated, and with more balanced difficulty distribution.
• More groups can now enter Field Offices before the elevator doors close.
• The internal logic of Field Offices has been adjusted to make it less likely for buildings to spend a long time with the elevator doors closed before being defeated.

Sellbot Task Force
• Fixed ToonTask bug that asked Toons to defeat Vice President 50 times. If you've already taken this ToonTask, don't fret! You only need to defeat the Vice President 5 times.
• Fixed a bug where Toon Resistance Operators used placeholder text for some ToonTasks.

• If every Cog is defeated in the C.E.O.'s waiter round, you will now immediately begin the next round of the C.E.O. battle.
• Patched various District crashes to improve server stability.
System Requirements


Windows Mac Linux
Operating System Microsoft Windows 8.1 macOS 10.14 Mojave Any common 64-bit Linux distribution1
CPU A dual-core CPU A 64-bit dual-core CPU
Hard Drive At least 500 MB free space
Graphics Card An OpenGL-compatible card with at least 256 MB of graphics memory2
Internet Connection Any internet connection


Windows Mac Linux
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 macOS 11 Big Sur Any common 64-bit Linux distribution
CPU A 64-bit quad-core CPU
Hard Drive At least 1 GB free space
Graphics Card An OpenGL-compatible card with at least 1 GB of graphics memory
Internet Connection A broadband internet connection

1 Requires glibc >= 2.27, libstdc++ >= 3.4.20, OpenGL and X11 support.

2 Some Intel HD Graphics cards may experience issues rendering the game's graphics properly due to poor OpenGL support. If you experience any visual issues, try downloading the latest version of your graphics card's driver or contact Intel for help.