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Revamped Facilities!

Cogs, Inc. has cut out the middle men and have overhauled many of their facilities to save on a few extra Cogbucks. New puzzle rooms, harder challenges, and much more await any Toon daring enough to step inside either entrance. Should you be savvy enough to successfully scale your way through, you may find some much needed items to your benefit.

The cogs are tightening their security.

Fresh off the production line comes something Toons have long feared: new Cogs. These Cog Supervisors are all business and aren't like their underlings. They will exploit any opening they see in Toon strategy and defense to send them straight back to the playground.

Upgrade Your Suit!

Toons looking for a fun and cosmetically rewarding challenging can continue to climb the corporate ladder within each Cog department and earn a nifty Suit upgrade! Note that no additional laff will be rewarded: this is purely for those who enjoy the grind and the reward of fashion.

New Status Effects

The new Supervisor Cogs come with a few dastardly tricks up their sleeves! Keep your eyes peeled for new status effects and symbols. Be sure to read them carefully!

Those brave Toons who venture into the brand-new facilities and take on the mighty Supervisors may just discover some fabulous new cosmetics! Can you collect 'em all and become the ultimate fashionista?