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What’s happening?

As a part of our effort to keep Toontown Rewritten up-to-date with the latest technologies that enable us to do new and cool things for the game, we're now setting a minimum required version of OpenGL. The very first version was released in 1992, and like with any technology, has received numerous upgrades over the years adding more capabilities to the technology, some of which are only available on newer hardware. You may be surprised to learn we've been supporting the very first version since Toontown Rewritten launched! Going forward, in order for us to be able to develop new features that utilize these upgrades, we have to set a minimum version of OpenGL required to play Toontown so that we can ensure everyone who plays the game has access to any new features developed with it.

Who does this affect, and what does this mean for me?

The good news is that the vast majority of our players will be good to go when we make this transition. OpenGL 3.2 was released in 2009, meaning that any computers or graphics cards purchased at least 11 years ago should be able to handle this upgrade with no troubles at all. This also lines up with our existing minimum requirements: Windows 8.1 was released in 2013, and OS X 10.13 High Sierra was released in 2017.

If you have received a notice when starting the game regarding future incompatibility, your computer’s ability to play Toontown Rewritten after this change may be impacted. To continue playing, you may have to use a newer computer or graphics card made in the last 10 years. If you're looking to purchase a new product and are looking for criteria, ensure that the computer or graphics card supports OpenGL 3.2 or a newer version (3.3, 4.0, 4.2, etc.).

If you have any questions or concerns relating to this notice, kindly shoot us an email at support@toontownrewritten.com. We are always here to help!

When is the cut-off date?

While we don't have a date set in stone, we are looking at early 2022 as a possible date range where this transition will occur. We'll listen to your feedback to determine when the best time to go through with this change is.