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Frequently Asked Questions

Team Applications

How can I apply to your team?

If you're interested in helping us out, here's how applying to the team works:

  1. Review our current positions listed on our Application page. Each position will include a link to a PDF application.
  2. Copy the contents of the PDF application, and paste them into an email. Don't edit the PDF or attach the PDF application to your email -- we prefer it to be in the body of your email!
  3. Complete your application and send it to support@toontownrewritten.com.
  4. Your application will be filed in a queue for review. Whenever we're looking for new staff, we'll go through and pick the most qualified applications and add new staff members from there!

Thanks for showing interest in helping us out! We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Why are some positions listed as "inactive"?

As much as we love to bring on new talent to help keep Toontown growing and thriving, there are some times when we're not able to take on any new people for a position. More often than not, this is due to limitations in our capacity to train new team members. It takes a lot of time and resources to show new team members the ropes and get them up to speed with their work, and thus we can only have so many people training for a position at once.

If a position is listed on the website as "inactive", it means that we are not currently looking for new applicants for that role. As we prioritize applications for active positions, it may take a longer time for us to review applications sent in for an inactive one. We appreciate your patience while we get to yours!

Can I apply for an inactive position?

You are welcome to apply to a position that is marked inactive. However, please be aware that the wait time for inactive positions is typically much longer than that of active ones. 

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say how long applicants for inactive positions will need to wait before their application is reviewed. Position availability varies depending upon a lot of factors, such as the time it takes new trials to complete their training, current projects to which the team is devoting their time, or the number of applications we already have in the queue. Due to this, it can sometimes take several months or longer before we're able to review an application sent in for a position we're not currently hiring for. As we prioritize reviewing candidates who applied for active positions, we may not review applications sent in for an inactive one until the time comes where we're ready to bring on new people to that role.

Can you let me know when you're hiring for a position I'm interested in?

Of course! Send us an email at support@toontownrewritten.com with the subject "Inactive position notifications" and let us know what position(s) you're interested in receiving alerts for. From there, our Support team will add you to our notification list, and we will send you an email as soon as we begin looking for new candidates for the role(s) you specified.

You can also remove yourself from this notification list at any time by sending us an email asking to be unsubscribed.

Can I apply for more than one position?

You certainly can! If you take a gander at our list of currently open positions and see more than one that you are interested in and that you think you are qualified for, feel free to send in a separate application (in separate emails!) for each position. If you aren’t sure about one position but you really like another, we recommend just applying for the one you feel most confident about! 

Is there a limit to how many positions I can apply for?

We receive a bunch of applications every week, so to ensure that our Hiring Managers are able to review all of those applications quickly we are only allowing applicants to submit up to three applications. We encourage you to only apply for the positions that you are the most drawn to, even if they are inactive when you submit your application! If you are interested in more than three positions on our team, please contact us at support@toontownrewritten.com and we can help you narrow down the position(s) that you would be best suited for! 

How long do I have to play Toontown Rewritten before I can be hired?

Different positions have different requirements. Some positions (such as Moderation and Support) require applicants to have a Toontown Rewritten account for at least six months before they can be considered for a position on our team. We recommend spending plenty of time in-game so that you are familiar with everything Toontown Rewritten has to offer!

How often do you hire someone new?

It depends on our needs as well as our capacity to train new people. For example, in October 2018, there wasn't a single week that went by without a hire, as we started training ten people that month! However, in July 2018, we only hired one person. These extremes are the result of many variables, but a lot has to do with what's going on with the team at the time. In the example above, we only hired one person in July because nearly every ounce of our energy was directed at preparing for ToonFest at ReplayFX! However, in October, our departments had a lot more time to focus on expansion.

Additionally, as of November 2021, we have, on average, hired three people per month over the past eleven months. To accomplish that, we are always reviewing applications, but we only contact applicants we’d like to hear more from when we are actively looking to bring someone new on the team. For example, even if we're taking the time to review Game Moderator applications, we may not have the resources at the moment to hire any of those applicants, especially if we already have Game Moderators in the training process.

That said, hiring new people is a big focus for us and it's something we spend a fair deal of time on each month. If you ever want to inquire about the status of your application, you are welcome to contact us about it by emailing support@toontownrewritten.com! Things can slip through the cracks even when we want to stay in touch. Do note that, before reaching out, you should wait at least a month from receiving the initial reply from the Support Department, as it's important to give our Hiring Managers sufficient time to review the application.

I was rejected because I am inactive, but I just played today! What’s up with that?

For some of our departments, applications require evaluation of several months of in-game activity. Consistent in-game activity is something we look for in our applicants because it shows a passion for Toontown and the time to dedicate to it. The reason for this is that the training period for our positions is time consuming; when applicants frequently engage with Toontown, it helps us gauge their ability to commit to that training period. In our history of training new team members, we have seen higher success rates when our trainees were already active in the Toontown community.

Note: Only our Moderation, Support, Programming, Public Relations, and Team Operations departments have activity requirements at this time, but we do view favorably high levels of community involvement and time in-game for applicants for other positions. All of our team members started as Toons like you with a fierce love for the game, and we're always looking to find the next group of players who are already working to make a difference in the Toontown community!

What happens if my application is selected for further review?

When our Hiring Managers find an application that meets the criteria for a given department, they forward it to the department leads for consideration. If they feel that the candidate has the necessary skills and qualifications for a position, the application is then passed to the rest of the team for another round of review.

After the team has approved an application, we then reach out to the applicant and invite them to join us for an interview! These interviews are meant to be casual and relaxed, as we would like to learn more about you, your passion for Toontown, and your reasons for wanting to join the team. While we prefer to conduct these interviews over voice chat so we can better get a sense of who an applicant is and how you will fit in with the team, we do not require interviews to be conducted over voice and are happy to make other accommodations if needed. Not being able to use voice chat for an interview will not in any way affect your chances of being selected to join the team!

I received a reply that you can’t hire me because I have a bad infraction on my account. Is there a chance that could ever change?

The answer is yes, but it can be complicated. Toontown Rewritten team members are held to a high standard when it comes to behavior. We have to be above reproach and that means, among many things, that we can't break our own rules. In the application review process, we seek to determine whether or not someone is capable of meeting the high standards set for all team members. Bad infractions are just one way we determine that someone might not be capable of doing that. However, we do believe that people can change and are strong advocates for personal growth. When evaluating applicants with bad infraction histories, we are trying to gauge whether or not the past behavior is still a part of who they are today. Figuring that out can be a difficult process.

During that process, it's important to remain patient and understanding with us. We do our best to understand circumstances and the ways people change, but it's messy and rarely straightforward. Sometimes there aren't any easy answers. That said, if you ever have questions about a response you received to your application, don't hesitate to ask!

How long is the training process?

The length of the training process differs for each position, as well as how each new team member is able to handle their tasks! We put a lot of work and thought into the training process so that it is tailored for each and every new member of our team. 

What are the basic requirements for joining your team?

There are a whole bunch of different things we look for, but here are the basic requirements:

  • Our minimum age requirement is 16 years old for all positions except Game Moderator, Name Moderator, and Hiring Manager, which have a minimum age requirement of 18 
  • No serious infractions on record for your account(s) for at least the past six months
  • For our Moderation and Support positions, you will need an account that has been actively used for at least 6 months
  • A positive presence on any Toontown-related social media accounts you may have (note: having Toontown-related social media is not a requirement)
  • A healthy and thriving love for all things Toontown!

If you ever have any questions about requirements for joining the Toontown Team, don't hesitate to send them to us via email at support@toontownrewritten.com.

I applied a while ago, can I check the status of my application?

You are welcome to contact us to make sure that your application didn’t get lost in the pipes, but we promise that we will reply to your original application as soon as it has been reviewed! We do not close out applications without first notifying the applicant of whether or not we have decided to move forward with them. If you haven’t received a reply yet, it means that your application hasn’t been reviewed yet.

Who is responsible for reviewing applications?

When you first submit an application, it is filed by a member of our Support team. From there, your application is reviewed by several people. We have Hiring Managers who specialize in reviewing applications, checking account activity, and performing account background checks. If a Hiring Manager does not find anything suspicious in the account history and the application looks strong to them, they show it to the leads of the department who review it further. If the department leadership team approves of the application, it is brought to the rest of the team for review! This is typically more of a review from the rest of the department for which the applicant is looking to join, but anyone on the team can comment on the application.

Who are the Hiring Managers?

The identity of the Hiring Managers is kept a secret, known only by members of the Toontown Rewritten team. Rest assured, they have been trained thoroughly in their jobs!

What are you looking for in Moderation applications?

We’re looking for applicants that are active, eager to learn, and dedicated to the job. Although we hire from all experience levels and time zones, prior moderation experience and/or residing in a non-US time zone are particularly beneficial to your application. We also encourage you to tell us about any other unique skills you might have. It’s important to note that each department has its own standards for applications, so this information does not necessarily apply for other staff positions.

I’m applying for Game Moderator but I’ve received an infraction in the past. Will this disqualify me?

Your infraction history does factor into your application, but most infractions will not disqualify you immediately. When we are looking at infractions during application review, we are trying to determine whether someone's behavior will prevent them from being a good fit on the Toontown Team. There are minor infractions that, while reflecting somewhat poorly on an application, do not signal to us that a person's behavior will negatively impact Toontown Rewritten. Only the most severe infractions will immediately create cause for concern. In those cases, we require demonstrable evidence that the behavior that resulted in those infractions is a part of a person's past and won't be a part of their future with Toontown. We understand that people make mistakes!

Why are so many Moderation applications turned down?

Our Moderation department receives more applications than every other department. We want to ensure our staff is as qualified as possible so you get a safe, fun experience while playing Toontown Rewritten. When applicants are turned down, it's because they are not currently a good fit for the team. Here are some of the most common reasons an applicant isn't ready to be a Moderator:

  • Low activity on Toontown. It's important that our Moderators play the game!
  • Recent infractions. It's important that our Moderators know, understand, and follow Toontown's rules!
  • Their account is too new! While we love the fact that people who just join the game want to help out, our applicants need to have solid experience with Toontown before they're ready to be Moderators.

Moderation simply isn’t for everyone. We want to make sure the people moderating for Toontown are well-suited for the job.

What kind of tools do Moderators use?

While we can’t release any information about the specific tools that our Moderators use, we can assure you that all new Moderators are put through a rigorous training process to ensure that they know all there is to know about what they will be working with!

What kind of technical knowledge do I need to have to be a Support Representative?

We recommend that Support applicants are familiar with basic computer troubleshooting, operating system updates and troubleshooting, and locating files on a computer. If you don’t have a bunch of experience with computers, don’t worry! Support Representatives spend a lot of time learning the ropes so that they are able to assist Toons with any issues they may experience! 

Are you looking for people using a certain operating system?

We will consider anyone who is using Windows, Mac, or Linux as their main operating system. We are especially looking for Support Representatives who are experienced with Linux right now!

What art style is Toontown Rewritten looking for?

Toontown Rewritten is a world taken straight from a cartoon of the Golden Age of Animation (namely the 1930s-1940s). We favor work that could fit right in with a classic cartoon of the era. Works that can be happy, sad; friendly, menacing; but most of all: Funny!

Everything should have personality, from fire hydrants to radios, hats to shoes, doors to buildings. If it has a joke or pun to tell, better! Even the Cogs have their own flavor of personality and sense of humor, from the icy chills of a Cold Caller, to the blind eyes of the Chief Justice. Of course, Toons and Cogs each have their differences. The Toons of Toontown favor a hand-crafted aesthetic, full of vivid pastels and organic flow. The Cogs, however, limit their tastes to the mechanical nature of an assembly line, favoring muted palettes and symmetry in their thirst for order. Simply put: Work vs. Play.

Additionally, as an Artist, you will need to be flexible enough to suit the particular needs of each project, be it one with the mechanical Cogs or the playful Toons. You must be able to create work that fits along the same caliber of quality that Disney artists have set before us.

What kinds of modeling software are required as a 3D Artist?

If possible, we highly recommend using Autodesk Maya 2015, which is what our current production pipeline is built around. However if you at least have access to a recent version of Maya (we've had success with up to 2018 as of this writing) or a copy of Blender, you may still contribute as a 3D modeler. 

If you are applying for a position involving animation or rigging, such as a 3D Animator or Technical Artist, it IS required you have access to Autodesk Maya, as you will be required to use tools specifically designed for it. Note, this is different from Autodesk Maya LT.

Do I have to apply with digital art or can I submit traditional art?

All of the current Artist positions in Toontown Rewritten require digital art to be submitted with the application. However, if you make Toontown-related fanart of any kind, we would still love to see it! Send it to support@toontownrewritten.com along with your Toon name, and you might see it featured on our website or social media in the future!

How old can the sample work I send in be?

Your work samples can be as old as you want, as long as you feel like they best represent your current art skills. If you feel like you’ve improved a lot with time, we encourage you to send in more recent work so that we can see your improvements.

Do I have to use the specific programs listed on each art application in order to apply for that position? Can I apply for one of the positions if I am using a program other than the one listed?

If the art position you are applying for has a specific program listed under the list of requirements (such as Adobe Photoshop CC or Autodesk Maya 2015), that means that specific program is, in fact, required. Sadly, we cannot accept applications from applicants using different programs.

Can I use Adobe Illustrator instead of Adobe Photoshop for the Texture Artist or Brand Designer positions?

Sadly, as we often share our art files between our Artists, we require all Artists who share a position to use the same programs (with the exception of Concept Artists). While Adobe Illustrator allows the use of vector tools, and while different Adobe programs allow file transferring between them, we have checked and found that we get the best results when all files are being made in Adobe Photoshop to begin with. However, if you only have the knowledge of how to use vector tools on Adobe Illustrator, that knowledge can easily be converted into Adobe Photoshop with a little practice, as the tools are very similar!

How many samples of my work do I have to send in along with the challenge for each Artist position?

You are free to send in as many as you feel comfortable with, however we would prefer seeing as many samples as possible to get a better idea of what you are capable of.

My application did not get accepted or rejected yet, and in the meantime I’ve worked on new art pieces that I feel would show my skills better, or I remade my submission for the art challenge. Can I still send my new work?

If you have yet to receive reply to your application and would like to send in more art samples, or if you’ve remade your challenge submission and would like to send it in to replace your older submission, please send the new samples as a reply to your original application email.

My application for an Artist position has been rejected for art/style reasons, but I feel like I’ve improved since then. Can I apply again?

You are free to send in a new application once 6 months have passed since you received the rejection notification. Please include in your new application that this is not your first time applying.

I have traditional art skills that don’t seem to fit any of the current artist positions (example: I can sew plushies). Can I still apply? Is there any way I can still help the game?

While we don’t have full-time positions on our team for traditional art types, if you would like to volunteer to donate some art pieces on a case-by-case basis, please send us an email so we can look into it. Other than that, we would love to see your Toontown fanart work and possibly have it featured on our website or social media! If you’d like it to be featured, please send high-quality pictures of it along with your Toon’s name to support@toontownrewritten.com.

I have digital art skills that don’t seem to fit any of the current Artist positions (example: I can make animation shorts). Can I still apply? Is there any way I can still help the game?

While we are only actively looking for the positions listed on the applications page, we may still consider other digital artists on a case-by-case basis. Please send in an email with some details about yourself and your skill, as well as a few examples, and we will look into it. Other than that, we would love to see your Toontown fanart work and possibly have it featured on our website or social media! If you’d like it to be featured, please send high-quality pictures of it along with your Toon’s name to support@toontownrewritten.com.

Do I have to use vector art for the Texture Artist and Brand Designer positions?

Yes, editable vector art is required for both of these positions.

What DAW(s) should I be familiar with?

There are no specific programs that we require Composers and Foley Artists to use, but we do require them to have the ability to export midi, ogg, and mp3 files for distribution. Some audio programs that members of our sound department are familiar with are Sibelius, Finale, MuseScore, Logic Pro, and FL Studio. 

What programming languages should I be familiar with?

If you’re interested in joining our Programming department, you should have experience with at least Python. We also recommend being familiar with C++ and/or Java.